I highly recommend your first step is to save $1,000. I feel like $1,000 can get you out of most predicaments. A flat tire shouldn’t be considered a financial disaster. Having a $1,000 can keep you from ever having an emergency that you have to put on a credit card that you can’t pay back immediately.

Now that you know why, here’s how. If you don’t have $1,000 it’s time to feel a little pain. I’m sorry but this month, starting TODAY is the first day of a little suffering.

For One Month

  • Go through your budget and CANCEL everything. Cancel cable, decrease your cell phone plan, cancel your meal planning service, cancel date night, cancel girls’ night out, EVERYTHING. Consider canceling kids’ activities if there isn’t a cost to rejoin. (It’s only for a month, it’s ok they will survive.) This is for one month. The next month you can really think about what you missed and slowly add those items back in.
  • Only buy fresh fruits, vegetable and dairy. Do NOT buy any frozen foods, pantry items, or any canned stuff. Eat everything you already have. Every January, I pull everything out of my cabinets, I check expiration dates and anything expired or close we eat first. Get creative. Meal plan before you go buy ANYTHING.
  • Sign up for Ibotta and meal plan with those coupons in mind. You earn $10 for using the app.
  • Open up an online account with a high-interest rate. You will be building this account further so it’s important to make sure it’s making money for you, even if it’s only 2%.
  • Go through your car, around your house, and in your purse. Gather all your loose change to add to your deposit.
  • Sell everything you can, even if it’s for a small amount, it adds up! More Here.
  • Do NOT eat out this month, pack your lunch and drink your water.
  • Make a little extra cash driving for Lyft, or Uber, teaching kids English online at VIPKID (up to $22/hr) or walking dogs on Rover.
  • Pick up extra shifts at the hospital. If you can’t get a friend to help you with babysitting, you could you work a few extra hours over your typical shift. This isn’t a forever plan, it’s super important to get $1,000 saved THIS month.

Emergency Money is Good for the Soul! It can bring a sense of calm to your life that is unbelievable.

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