Frugal Win or Fail?

I have yet to decide if I made a frugal win or fail on my front porch furniture. I spent A LOT of time on facebook market place and craiglist looking for the perfect set of furniture. I wanted a high table with 4 chairs and two chairs that were taller than 18 inches. (I’m a nosy neighbor and I couldn’t see over the porch rail.) We spent ~ $300 on the table and chairs and ~$600 on our chairs, table and ottoman. (On writing this post it’s now 30% off!)

Here’s why it could be a frugal win.

Our biggest money waster is eating out! Every time we eat out we spend at least $40 (usually more.) If we go out for a drink we are paying at least $20 in babysitting and spending $30-$40 on wine and food.

One example kids begged me to go to First Watch, which I love. Last time we went our family of 4 spent $44. My husband was out of town so I was thinking the cost might be a lot less. Then I thought, breakfast on the patio anyone? I asked the kids if they wanted to try it and they were surprisingly on board.
Total cost: ~$2, Eggs, jelly, and coffee for mama. Bagels were free by signing up for the Free Friday Download at Baker’s.

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