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This weekend we went to Tech the Halls at Aim Exchange in downtown Omaha.  It was a fantastic event with volunteers helping with tech activities.  It was great for my 5 and 8-year-old.  When you’re technologically challenged like me, it’s hard to answer your kids’ questions or get them excited about programming and electronics. Projects available during this open house included: 

  • They had make your own Christmas LED card with batteries, copper foil, and LED lights.
  • They had build your own snowman with coding.
  • They had many Dash Robots roaming around for a snowball fight.  The kids learned how to use the program and get them to cruise around the room.

We are already big fans of using Snap Circuits at our house, but now with a little copper foil, battery, and LED lights they could be more creative than the structured Snap Circuits diagrams. 

This also showed me my kids’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to technology.  For instance, we can’t sign up our 8 year old for any programming courses until the poor girl learns how to type! Apparently, they have Media class at school but not typing courses.

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