Air Show and Parade

Every summer Bellevue has 2 events that my kids look forward to: Offutt Air Force Base Air Show and the Arrows to Aerospace Parade.  I’m not going to lie and say that I also love going to these events.  It’s usually hot, high volume of traffic and parking is generally far away.  (Deep breath) Now in my new state of mind with free family fun as being the goal of every outing, I have to say these are top events.  Parenting in this stage of my life is not about my comforts, it’s about making lasting memories as a family.  Luckily these two big events occur on different weekends, so we can plan accordingly.

Offutt Air Force Base Air Show

First was the Air Show. The trick is to check the official website prior to arriving so you know exactly what they will allow you to bring in. Even though, we want our 4 year old son to develop into a strong man that can tolerate a little walking, we always opt to bring the stroller so he has somewhere to sit and can lean back and really revel in the wonders of flight. It’s also important to bring ear plugs. It can be LOUD and I’d hate to ruin our kid’s chances of being cardiologists in the future due to hearing loss.  Another paramount mindset to remember, is to block any thoughts of the use of excessive fuel and resources for a few hours of watching planes fly… and don’t try not to calculate how many of your tax dollars are being spent on the show.

Rating: 10 out of 10
Price: $20 for lunch, we did not plan for staying the whole day.

Arrows to Aerospace Parade

I’m a bigger fan of the Arrows to Aerospace Parade.  We bring our lawn chairs, one small bag for candy collection, and donuts.  The donuts are definitely optional, I mistakenly thought if the kids had donuts they would refrain from badgering me to eat candy the entire parade.  Anyhow, the parade is always a hit with the kids.  This year I told them once the bag is full, politely decline any more candy since we can’t carry it home.  Hearing my kids say, “no thanks, we have enough” was the highlight our adventure.  They also walked around to nearby adults and handed out what they didn’t want. 

Rating: 10 out of 10
Price: $5 for donuts

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