• Find your why! Don’t just save to save.
  • What kind of person are you? What’s your tendency? Take the quiz. What are your values?
  • Get Organized! Calculate your net worth, list your recurring expenses, list all of your debt with interest rates, and track these numbers EVERY month.
  • Find your Tribe! Join Facebook Group RN to Wealthy Encourage your friends to follow the steps with you. Set up a financial date night with your spouse or significant other.
  • Open up these accounts: Employee Sponsored pre-tax savings account, Roth IRA, HSA (if you have a high deductible healthcare plan), and an emergency account that you NEVER withdraw from unless it’s an emergency. Even if you are only putting $10 a month into these accounts, still open them. Follow these guidelines.
  • Decrease your recurring expenses. Only have recurring expenses that are necessary or bring your life joy. Decreasing your phone bill or canceling your gym membership can make a huge impact when you multiply it by 12.
  • Shopping ban for a little while. Here’s tips to help.
  • Pay off your debt like your hair is on fire! Seriously, live a year without a vacation or any frivolous purchases and pay down debt as fast as you can, then you can live a comfortable life without the stress of debt.
  • Go back to those accounts and start increasing your deposits with every pay raise, every third paycheck in a month, and every tax return. Max them out as soon as possible because time is your friend.

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