Backpack Anger

You can see the library book peeking out.
New Backpack

My oldest child is now on her 4th backpack and she’s only 7 years old! I’ve always let my daughter pick whatever she wanted.  I remember clamoring after a kitty backpack as a child and being denied because it was too expensive.  She’s always chosen a variation of a Disney backpack.  Minnie or princesses and she was happy.  This usually ended up being $10-20 each backpack.  One of the 4 backpacks lasted more than a year.  The last one was hanging on by a thread before we finally gave up. (In picture) The side cup holders have ripped through, zipper sticks and there is a hole in it.  I’m already irritated by the contribution my family has towards filling the landfill and this one brings me rage! Something so simple should be made well enough to last more than ¾ of a school year.  My child is not that rough on her things.  She’s a normal kid with normal books.  So, like any Tiger Mom I took to the internet and searched many sites to find the most durable child’s backpack.  Land’s End was referenced numerous times.  Typically, the backpacks are $40 for a medium.  I found a coupon and ended up paying $26 with free shipping and a small amount back by going through Ebates.  If I end up throwing this in the landfill like the rest I will officially give up on thoughtful consumerism.

On a side note: I went to a shoe cobbler for the first time and paid $4 to fix my insoles.  They also repair bags, so this may be another possibility.

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