Best Fashion Advice you’ll Ever Receive

A LONG time ago I was either listening or reading something from The Minimalist. They were talking about fashion and how important it was to have a “palette.” I ignored the idea at the time because I was 1 year postpartum and I had no idea what size I would end up. The thought of getting away clothes that didn’t fit was terrifying. If I cleared out my closet and end up a different size I would have to start from scratch and go shopping. I couldn’t accept that fate.

Fast forward 3 years. I maintained the same size for 3 years, so it was finally time to purge. Anything that was in the “fat pants” box was donated and all of the “if I fast for a couple days” sizes were donated. I wanted a clean start. Then I made a bold decision. Everything I brought into my home would have to be paired with either black shoes or summer neutral shoes. If I felt like it didn’t match those 2 pairs of shoes, I didn’t buy it. Shoes are expensive and it’s hard to find comfortable ones. I have found the unicorn of high heels and I plan on wearing these until the shoe cobbler can fix them anymore. My summer neutral shoes are completely ruined and I am in the process of finding a replacement. I’m being very delibrate because all of my summer dresses pair with a neutral wedge. I’m not just buying something that I think looks good, I’m also looking for a pair that are well made and incredbly comfortable.

Why chose a specific color palette based off your favorite shoes

  • Shoes are one of the most expensive parts of your wardrobe. If you spent $100 on a pair of heels, get your money’s worth out of them and wear them with as many outfits as you can. Shoes are also very taxing on the environment. Having 20 pairs of shoes is a waste of money, storage and it’s bad for the planet.
  • Decision fatigue is real. Have a limited number of options in the morning streamline getting ready.
  • It helps curb shopping. If you have a specific color palette you don’t go buy a brown dress and then think, “oh I need new shoes to match.” If you stick with your palate then you only look at the pieces that would complement your shoes.
  • You’re always comfortable. I remember staring at a pair of heels thinking, “how much will I be on my feet today, will my feet be throbbing at the end of the day?” That type of mental anguish is unnecessary and unproductive.

How many shoes do you have that make your back hurt? Give you blisters? Or worse, make you fall? These shoes sit in your closet even though you never wear them because you paid a high price to buy them. I’ve own shoes like that before and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten rid of every pair of them.

I implore you to go to your closet right now and bag up every pair that makes you ache. Pick out your favorites and build your wardrobe from the ground up. Then stick with this way of dressing, you’ll save money and time!

These are the 4 shoes I wear to work. I’ve owned all of them for about 3 years. They each cost under $100. Calculating for 5 days a week, they have cost me $0.51 a day for the last 3 years AND they have a lot of life left in them.

Side Note: My mom does a lot of thrift store shopping. She often will say to my kids, “this cost $3 so make sure you wear it at least 3 times.” Her philosophy is, if it cost $1 or less per wear, she made a good investment. She shuns me for spending more than $20 for a pair of shoes. With these calculations, I’m far exceeding her value estimates AND my feet don’t hurt.

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