Bike Ride

I have been obsessed with riding my bike to work for the last 10 years.  One summer back in 2009, I rode once a week when I worked in the ER.  That trip was 0.8 miles on a bumpy dirt road and then 10 miles of trail.  Easy-peasy, not really the prairie wind of the Midwest cuts through your soul as you pump your heart out only going 8 mph.  So, my almost 11 mile ride took an average of 1 hour each way.  I had my first baby in 2010 and the bike has stayed on the wall of the garage for the last 9 years.  Well, my obsession has come back full force and I’m trying really hard to act on it.  I ruminate about listening to the birds, feeling the breeze and pedaling to work but to actually get my butt on the hard, uncomfortable seat, meh. 

Yesterday, in an effort to prepare my body, I biked 9.8 miles.  First bike ride in FOREVER.  It was awful, and my calves are still pulsating.  I didn’t really get anywhere because I was cruising around trying to figure out how the hell I could get on the trail without getting run over.  Nebraska drivers aren’t great with pedestrians or bicyclists.  There’s a lot of side of the road memorials and Mr Miser always tells me it’s from a dead bicyclist. He also sends me bicyclists articles every time I start talking about biking to work. Headline: Doctor Shot dead biking to hospital. Not sure if that one was relevant but there is a sliver of truth to vehicular homicide as a possibility. 

Everything has lined up for me to actually pull this off.  The hospital sent an email out that our new building has a bike rack and a shower, theoretically I could use ALL trails to get there straight out of my neighborhood.  So here I am again, I hate commuting to work. It can take me anywhere between 30-55 minutes to get there depending on traffic.  However, I also don’t want to pull the trigger and buy an electric bike.  Nebraska weather scares me.  I’m mean WTF Nebraska snow in May, you’re drunk.  My car gets almost 50 mpg, so it’s not a money issue. Yet, Mr Money Mustache articles are also alluring me to the bike trail.  The inner struggle is real. So rather than reveling in the fact that I biked my ass off today and didn’t get hit by anything, I am torturing myself with the fact that I have yet to bike to work from our new address.    

After 8 miles I called Mr Miser and we met for the largest burger I’ve ever eaten in one setting.

If you are looking for me today, I’m the nurse sitting on a doughnut, icing my calves.

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