Birthday Party Rebel

In the past I have spent up to $1000 on my kids’ birthday party. It sounds crazy but I have a reasonable explanation. For the last 5 years I was able to combine my kids’ birthday. My son was born in September and my daughter in November so it made sense to have a combined October birthday. Two of the five years we rented 2 cabins for 2 nights at a Nebraska state park. We provided food and lodging for the weekend for our out of town family. This was our one cabin trip for the year and the kids loved it! This year my soon to be 6 year old requested his own birthday. It broke my heart that the 2 weren’t going to share their day together but I totally understand.

Here’s how I Rebelled

  • I’m over decorations! Throwing away all of this hours after hanging it up is such a bummer and a waste.
  • I’m done spending a fortune on an “outing.” Sure, it’s nice to not have to clean up after a party at the house but it’s not worth $300.
  • I’m completely against goodie bags. When my kids were younger the goodie bags helped with the confused toddlers’ devastation when they realized the gifts weren’t for them. I already fed the kids sweeties, I shouldn’t have to send candy home with them or worse plastic crap that will end up in trash island.
  • No more elaborate crafts. Seriously, I can’t. If I have to spend a night preparing a craft OR spend a fortune on pre-cut crafts, I’m out.

Here’s What we Did

My son requested a pancake party with Rainbow and Tiger decorations. We had egg bake, pancakes, and bacon.

The birthday boy was in charge of making cloud rainbows for the pancake topping. He took his job very seriously. We froze them and they were ready to go at 9am the next day. We made bacon the night before and they egg bake cooked for the hour before the party. Only thing that was needed during the party was fresh pancakes.

Our friends graciously donated her leftover rainbow decorations from her kid’s summer party. My daughter and her friends cut out Happy Birthday signs and tiger pictures. My son was thrilled, dancing around while they created their art.

The whole party consisted of 17 neighborhood kids and 10 adults. My husband made 38 sprinkle pancakes while the kids made fruit loop necklaces. No one asked for their party gift which was awesome. One kid asked for cake and I responded: “did you get a panCAKE?” He apologized and scurried away. Overall, no one cried and my son had a blast!

Total party cost less than $60

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