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Go to the Library. The Omaha Public Library is awesome.

I live outside of city limits and pay $70 a year for a library card.  I click on their app, chose my book, then after work I grab it from a special shelf at the library.  Checking out a book takes less than 2 minutes. This is the route to go if you are trying to save money! If you do buy from Amazon, I get a small amount from the sale.  Be smart, go to the library!

I’m VERY sentimental about this book. Dr Duncan told me to read it and I did.  It was the best thing my 22 year old self could have done!  This is the revised, up to date version.  I automated my finances after reading this book and then I tried to automate every single nurse’s account in the PICU.  I was relentless.

This is the book I made my husband sit down and read with me when we got married.  Being married to a miser is not easy.  This is also the revised version. It’s a great date night.  Schedule 3-4 date nights after the kids go to bed, crack open a bottle of wine and go through every chapter together.

This book is old but it has some good worksheets in it.  The ones that I found the most helpful are also at his website.

This book is a BIG deal to me. After reading this we fired our financial advisor because our fees were cutting into any profits we could have made.  J.D. Collins details a very simple process.  He recommends buying one index fund in the market and letting it ride. I met him a Camp FI this summer and he was delightful. (Yes, I am planning on going to Nerd Finance Camp again in 2019!)

I love how this book really helped me identify which tendency I was and how to optimize my life to make my habits stick.  I’m an obliger and I need to have group support and accountability to be successful. I’ve always avoided those types of social encounters but they have been the most beneficial for me.  This also helps you identify other’s tendencies and how to work with them better.

The take away I got from Atomic Habits was think of yourself as the kind of person that… For instance, I’m the kind of person who is always trying to optimize and save money. I’ve thought about myself in this way my entire life.


This book is more about finding a shift in how you are currently living.  What’s more important to you, your freedom or shopping.  I cover why I’m so passionate about getting nurses to get financially organized here.  I see too many tragedies day to day.

I’m a huge nerd and I will keep on reading finance books.  The above books are EASY to read and the steps are easy to implement right away.  As I find new ones that will make an impact on how to move forward, I will update them here.  Again, go to the library!

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