Camp FI 2020

Camp FI Midwest

This is our second trip to Camp FI. Read about our first visit here. Prior to leaving for our second camp adventure Mr. Miser questioned the need to go to another camp. His thoughts were that we already optimized our budget, automated our investments and if I started any more side hustles I would have a nervous breakdown, so what’s left to learn. I explained that the first trip was about the spreadsheets and cash flow projections, this year it’s about mindset. There is something to be said about the tedious middle. Slogging through life after all the excitement of optimizing is over. A little tweak this month (check accounts) a little tweak the next month (check accounts) and repeat. Those little frugal dopamine bursts are worth living for! Once you’ve done everything you are willing to do, what’s next? Wait and work! Cutting our cell phone bill and selling our cars was easy (actually kinda fun), waiting for our money to compound over time, exhausting.

This is considered a suite.

The Talks

The line up was fantastic and exactly what we needed to hear. The speakers were the boys at What’s Up Next, Physician on Fire, Financial Panther, and Good Night Debt. They all spoke about things we were thinking but couldn’t put words to. One topic was the middle slog that I was referring to and then the next was thinking about those we loved and how we need to be there for them now. How devasting would it be to miss my child’s childhood because I am working overtime to save for retirement? Half of the reason I want to be retired is to be with them and the other half is for freedom. What good is freedom if you are full of regret? After Paul Thompson’s talk, Mr. Miser and I both looked at each other and we instantly knew what our next steps would be. You will spend 95% of your time with your child before they turn 18 years old, after that it’s just holidays and the occasional weekend.

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