Camp FI: Midwest

Marine St Croix, Minnesota

On a whim, I signed up Mr. Miser and myself for Camp FI. It was in Marine St Croix, Minnesota. Typically, as an adult, I’ve struggled with making new friends. Typically, Mr. Miser is the strong, silent type. Things were different in this type of atmosphere. People were there to connect, not to talk about their portfolios. It was impressive to see that everyone seemed to be here with the same motivation of meeting people, learning something new and trying to help others on their path.

We had only been exposed to FI  for 2 months before signing up and it was an incredible experience for us as a couple to have personal exposure to this community of people.

They had break out sessions where people would talk about their side hustles and give tips to folks new to the FI concept.  I have never seen so much joy come from someone describing how he walked dogs on his lunch hour to make a few extra bucks.  He was gleaming with excitement when he told us that he liked walking, he liked dogs, so why not make some money.

They had hour lectures from FI blogging celebrities.  It was great to hear what they are passionate about and how they ended up getting to a “work optional” point in their life. These conversations were the most beneficial to Mr. Miser and myself, not the money chats. When we weren’t discussing our personal philosophies or how to best crunch our budget numbers, we had free time to walk around the lake, sit at the campfire and canoe.

If you look to the right of the photo you can see a fleet of cars with >100,000 miles on them.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these camps, I highly suggest it.  It was especially helpful to attend with Mr Miser. He sends me articles to read, which I don’t and I send him podcasts to listen to, which he doesn’t.  This allowed us to listen to a talk and then immediately strategize the implementation of a new idea or possibility.  This was our 10-year anniversary trip to develop our action plan on how to maximize our next 10 years. It wasn’t completely focused on money, it was focused on how to use your resources to enjoy every day of your life. This was an awesome reminder of enjoying the journey…

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Annie Dillard

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