Cheap Christmas Day Movie

I really believe that I am the BEST gift giver, at least when it comes to my family.  I have an open and active document on my phone documenting things to buy for birthdays and holidays when I see or think of something inspirational.  However, it’s hard to identify gifts that others actually want or need, that’s why I tend to go for “experience gifts” when every possible.  (See my post on the best present for your kids’ friends.)

This year my children will open (at the same time) envelops with movie tickets in them.  Not boring gift cards but actual movie tickets.  This year Christmas falls on Tuesday.  Why is that so important? Well, Tuesdays are $5 movies at Marcus Theaters and if you bring Magical Movie Rewards card each guest gets free popcorn too.  So, when my kids get bored with playing with their new toys, which usually happens 2 hours after opening them. We will be headed to the movies to see Mary Poppins Returns and we will be indulging in free popcorn!

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