Crafting on a Budget

I found a bunch of $1 succulents at Lowe’s today and it gave me the encouragement to be creative. I’m not a crafty person. I went through a stage where I would try and then fail to make something worth displaying. Furthermore, I’ve found crafting to be surprisingly expensive. So this succulent project was right up my alley. I spent $4 on succulents, $1 at Dollar tree on rocks and I used a pot I dug out of my friend’s garbage. My darling children added the weird stone and little fox dog. It’s crazy how such a simple little project brought so much satisfaction into my day.

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The Story behind the Pot

My sweet friend is constantly bombarded by my encouragement to become a minimalist. The strange paradox is whenever she’s having a purge day, I leave her house with a trunk full of new treasures. I found her in her garage cleaning and was chanting my common repertoire of “get rid of it.” Then I saw the chipped up pot go into the dumpster. Whoa, I didn’t mean get rid of that! I’m hard to love and I know it.

How are you creative without spending a fortune on supplies?

Start selling your crafts. Start small and only make things you enjoy. You can list items on the Facebook market place, Craigslist, or eBay. Who cares if it takes months to sell and you only recoup your costs not your time? This is free crafting. This is something that can be scaled up if you really enjoy and you have found your niche. My favorite nurses that craft have their own website and product line. It all started small with making badge holders for their friends. (My favorite badge holder is NICU nurses cuddle better, I’m seriously dying that is so cute.) Here is a link to this nurse run crafting company.

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