DIY Stocking Holder

This is how you rock minimalism and still decorate for the Holidays. I hate the idea of putting hooks on my fireplace mantle for stockings. I also hate the clutter of the ones that sit on top of the mantle, they are a pain to store and they usually fall down as soon as you put anything in it.

Sturdy Stocking holder, my only regret is painting it red.
Three weeks a year, we have to find a new spot for our backpacks.


Here is my solution. I found this DIY post 3 years ago and I’ve been thrilled with the results. During Christmas, we use it as a stocking holder, during the rest of the year we use if for the kids’ backpacks! My kids are 90% trained to hang their backpacks up after school because it’s easy, obvious and quick. If I had it in a closet I would need to incessantly remind them.

How do you hang your stockings?

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