Don’t just Save to Save…

Often times new graduate nurses will say they won’t save for retirement because it’s so far away, they have time, they have other things they need now. I’ve been working as a nurse for the last 14 years and here is why you need to pay off debt, build an emergency account and start putting money into your retirement account.

Start Now, Because…

  • You work night shift but can’t switch to day shift because of the pay decrease.
  • You have a baby and want to work part-time.
  • You get sick and have to take an extended leave of absence.
  • Your spouse loses their job.
  • You want to go back for your master’s degree but don’t want to add on to your student loans.
  • You get a divorce.
  • Your child gets sick.
  • You start hating bedside nursing and want to work in a clinic but it’s a pay decrease.

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