Elf on the Shelf

Pippy and Charlotte

Oh, Creepy Elves.  I have a love-hate relationship with these Elves.  I get all excited to bring them out. I Pinterest ideas on how to be cleaver with these little freaks.  When it comes time to actually execute my plan, I struggle. I went to Michael’s in hopes to buy a kit with one of my Michael’s coupons to find out that Elf on the Shelf is exempt from coupons. Seriously, they actually expect you to pay $25 for some cardboard cutouts and an elf-sized chair.  No thanks, I’ve got construction paper and scissors, I took art class in 8th grade, I can do this. In reality, most nights I forget and go stumbling around in the morning to move them before I get caught. “Oh look, those silly spies are hiding in the tree again.”  However, every now and then, I’m brilliant! As I’ve said on repeat, I hate shopping.  I think excessive consumerism is evil, so these Elf games can be a real conundrum.  How do you make it memorable for your kids without playing into all the things I’ve come to hate about Christmas?

 I think this is going to be my favorite new tradition.

I bought a pack of blank cards from Michael’s, I put a few Christmas stickers on them and gave the children assignments.

Here are my 6 heartfelt ideas

  1. Write a letter to a friend
  2. Write a thank you
  3. Write a letter to tell someone you love them and why
  4. Write an apology
  5. Write an honest letter about how you’ve been a good child this year
  6. Write a letter to someone who needs extra Holiday Cheer

That’s 6 DAYS of no scrambling to move them and an opportunity to sit down and encourage empathy, sharing, gratitude, and reflection. 

Boom, holiday miracle!

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