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It’s a well known fact that I’m very frugal.  I prefer to save money when ever possible.  However, it appears that I’m dropping boatloads of money on experiences. I’m not sure if that is true or not…

Most of our activities are at places that are either free or I have a membership. This made me realize that I might be spending way more on memberships than I realize.

My Omaha Memberships

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

  1. If you live in Omaha, you have to have a zoo membership.  It’s required.  It costs over $20 for one adult to enter the gates.  The $135 it costs is a huge value and we go at least once a month, sometimes more often. Click here to join.

Omaha Children's Museum

2. We go to the Omaha Children’s Museum all of the time.  This may change with my littlest starting 5 day a week preschool, sigh. Up to this point during the winter a weekly visit is not unheard of.  We will go for 1-2 hours, focus on one area and then eat lunch next to the fire truck. An adult ticket is $13, a family membership is $129 a year.  Well worth the value.  Our plan is to continue to buy this membership as the kids get older for our vacations.  They have reciprocal passes to museums all of the country. Click here for the list.

I foresee having grown children and still buying an annual membership. You can’t beat the free tickets to other museums across the country.

Purchase a membership here.

Fontanelle Forest

3. I love going to Fontanelle Forest with the mindset of focusing on nothing but walking around and responding to my kids’ knock-knock jokes.  They also have a lovely preschool program that costs an additional $2 per kid during the school year.  They also have structured family hikes in the evening, trick or treating in the forest, free yoga twice a week, and much more. This place will always hold a special place in my heart, in 2008 my husband and I were married in the great hall. 

We pay $65 for our family. Click here for a membership.

Rose Theater

4. We purchase a membership to the Rose Theater every year.  It includes 7 shows and 4 tickets per show.  I’ve tried really hard to make it an evening.  I have the kids put on nice clothes, I also put on nice clothe and we speak in a British accent, “we’re fancy and going to the theater.” This is incredibly cheap to see a production and give the kids a magical night.

We paid $95, that’s $3.40 a ticket. Click here for a membership.

Lied Activity Center

5. Lied Activity Center in Bellevue.  This place is a great value for a gym membership. It’s only worth it, if you live nearby.  A membership for those in Bellevue costs $195 a year, that’s $8 a month for myself, $8 a month for my husband, and free for my kids.  They have an indoor track, weight room and pool. The pool is $3 per person each visit.  This is a great membership to have to resist the urge of buying a fancier $50 per person per month gym membership elsewhere.

You can also benefit from seeing the senior citizens walking laps, they are inspiring.

Click here for more info.

Omaha Public Library

6. Last but not least is the Omaha Public Library. Since we live outside of Omaha, it costs us $75 per year.  They have activities at different branches all week long.  My kids are also enthralled with “shopping” there. It’s the only time they can pick something out without my judging or nagging. Their app is also great! I request my books to a library near my hospital and they transport it closer to me. They also have free access to online courses, such as, how to blog.

Click here for more information.

So that’s it, $695 a year in memberships. That’s $14 a person a month for my family of 4. It allows us knowledge from the library, exercise at the Lied, entertainment and culture at the Rose, and fun at the museum and zoo.These all provide a huge value to my family and we always have some where to go. 

Any other recommendations?

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