Find your Tribe

My favorite discussion was several years ago with my best friend.

Me- “you need to start hanging out with this woman I met, you are a lot a like.”
Best Friend- “Why? I have a friend… you.”

I love her but I need more than one friend to discuss my unconventional ideas. I also have some peculiar interests in the eyes of most of my friends and colleagues, so it’s important to branch out and find “my people.” I like biking, superhero movies and saving money. My best friend and husband tolerate my idiosyncrasies, which I appreciate. However, what I really crave is to surround myself with others that want to one-up each other on who is the MOST frugal. Now that’s a party.

Last week, everywhere I turned I found a like minded person that wanted to talk about living their best life by saving money by being frugal in ways that did NOT affect their lifestyle. I may never see these folks again but I know they exist and through the power of the internet we will be able to stay in touch from afar.

My challenge for you is to put yourself out there. Mingle with people outside your social circle. If you feel like you aren’t able to have relatable conversations about topics that are important to you, please extend your reach. Your people are out there, bring them into your life.

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