First Day of Summer

On the first Day of summer I asked the kids to go through the Omaha Visitor’s Guide that we found at the airport.  I had them circle the things they wanted to do (they circled a lot of pictures of ice cream).  Here is the list! My goal was to focus on as much free stuff as possible.

As you can see we’ve already gotten started.

Official List

  • Fun Plex
  • Summer Arts Festival
  • Baseball game WITH fireworks
  • Walk around the Lake
  • LaVista Maintenance Garage Open House
  • Outdoor Movie
  • Bike on the Papio Bike Trail
  • Sumtur Music Show
  • Everett park Splash Pad
  • Shadow Lake Splash Pad
  • Gilbert or Cascio Pool
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Railroad Days
  • Fontanelle Forest
  • Children’s Museum
  • Hot Shops
  • Zoo Splash Pad
  • Jazz on the Green
  • Gerald R Ford Birthplace
  • First National’s Spirit of Nebraska
  • Gene Leahy Mall Slides
  • Zorinsky Lake
  • Music at Stinson Park

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