Free Restaurant Food

A picture of my free piece of pie!

Before we had kids my husband and I would go to Cheesecake Factory every month. Cheesecake Factory is incredibly expensive unless you are a secret spy noting the cleanliness of their bathrooms! At that time there was a company called Mystery Guest, Inc (This is no longer an active site) we would sign up to complete secret shops and they would pay us with Cheesecake Factory gift cards. We would split Chicken Madiera, Avocado Eggrolls and a slice of cheesecake, every single time. We would use the previous month’s gift card to pay for each subsequent shop. We fell off the secret shopper bandwagon once we had kids. It was too exhausting to drag a baby across town.

Now, we have kids that are great at restaurants and enjoy the secret spying. The company that I have been using is called BestMark. We’ve completed 2 Village Inn stops, I’ve already been paid for one and completed our second visit today. It’s nice when they are really desperate because they will not only pay for your meal they will also give you a bonus. They do pay you in gift cards to places like Starbucks and Amazon which is reasonable. The shop is easy if you read the instructions beforehand and then the survey takes about 15-20 minutes afterward.

My reimbursement after spending $40 at Village Inn with my family.

I highly recommend doing this if you like eating out for free.

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