Get Your Hair Did

"If you're a fly gal, then get your nails done. Get a pedicure, get your hair did." - "Work It", Missy Elliot

I’m about one month overdue for a haircut.  I like to go about every 2-3 months.  In classic Midwest Miser style, I started surveying the ladies I work with about their hair routine and of course, the cost of it.  I work with beautiful women, they don’t need make up and they look great in a messy bun.  I was flabbergasted to hear my survey results.

$60-$200 every 4-8 weeks.  Whoa.  That blew my quarterly, $24 plus $4 tip at Supercuts out of the water.  (I’m sassy, so I always add on a Tea Tree Shampoo.)

Time for some math!

My friend who gets a $200 haircut and color every 6 weeks spends almost $9,000 every 5 years on her hair!

If she does it Midwest Miser style every 6 weeks and colors her hair at home.  She would end up with $6,500 after 5 years, I subtracted the costs of a Supercuts cut and wash and Sally’s Beauty Supply Color in a box.  I think she would still be beautiful with a cheaper cut and color. 

Nobody cared about my numbers.  Think about it, it’s the cost of a Disney cruise and Park Week EVERY 5 years for simply changing how you style your hair. 

Now that I’m on the path to FI, I am cutting my husband’s and kids’ hair every month as a bonus savings.  It’s about $15 per kid and $20 for my husband.

If I threw that into my savings account with my cheaper haircut and color it’s almost $9,500 every 5 years. That’s a week long Disney trips at an All Star’s Resort for the 4 of us every 2.5 years! Just for being cheap with our haircuts.

It wasn’t until I did the math that I started insisting I cut everyone’s hair.  Sure, it’s annoying to sweep up and sure sometimes I mess up and make my son look like a serial killer but to see Mickey every two years… totally worth it!

  • Prior to using travel rewards, I calculated everything I do in Disney Vacations.


Step by Step:

Step 1: Order a pair of clippers and a cape, I prefer Wahl brand or a good pair of scissors.  ( I use the ones that came with the clippers.) The cape sizes can be tricky here is an adult version that works if you also wrap a towel around you kid’s neck.

Step 2: Watch some videos on how to cut hair.  I started with this one.  (The best ones are the sad boys with their mom butchering their hair.)

Step 3: Find one you like and have your child watch it with you.  Helps calm the nerves and then they can be excited for the style you are trying.

Step 4: Get more brave each time.  I started cutting my husband’s hair, then my son’s and now my daughter’s.  The kids love it because they hate waiting at the salon.

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