Does the gym improve your quality of life or worsen it?

When trying to decide what costs to cut back on, it’s important to evaluate your values. Here are my thoughts on values. I have health as one of my foundational values yet I rarely prioritize it in my life. It’s very possible that my frugalness is affecting my health. It’s hard to sign up for things that I know would improve my health yet are very expensive. I LOVE hot yoga, I bought a $30 unlimited month and then as soon as my month expired, I could NOT bring myself to pay $12 for one class. Now, I am no longer able to touch my toes.

Gym Membership

I’ve had a gym membership since 2004. I know your thinking wow, you don’t look like a gym goer. You are correct. I don’t go to the gym. I mean sure, I’ve dabbled at going but it is a habit that has NEVER stuck. Luckily, I bought a lifetime gym membership for $800. I gave 24-Hour Fitness one entire paycheck for the membership. I know it seems out of character for me and it was! Looking back it’s the best financial decision I’ve ever made because I will never pay initiation fees for that 1 month I try to get fit and then give up. So 14 years later, that $800 ended up being $57 a year. I also pay $20 a year to renew the membership so they know I haven’t died. My membership was transferred over to Genesis last year.

Should you cancel your gym membership or buy an alternative?
  • Do you actually go? If the answer is no, cancel it. Stop paying for something you don’t use and stop feeling guilty for never going.
  • Do you enjoy it? If the answer is no, brainstorm on things that you actually enjoy. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Join a hiking club. Do you enjoy swimming? Join a master’s swim club. Get creative, find joy.
  • Do you love running? Join a running club.
  • Do you feel self-conscious when you are there and it makes you avoid going? Join an online program where you feel supported such as Beach Body.
  • Do you feel like you NEVER have time? Commit to a 7-minute workout everyday.

If you list Health as one of your values you have to incorporate it into your life somehow. Work it into your budget because it’s important! Your wealth means nothing if you don’t have your health.

If your nursing education was like mine, you were staffed in the bariatric orthopedic floor as a student. Close your eyes and remember, I can still feel my lower back pain after a patient chose to fall on me instead of backward on to their bed. My goal is to keep my weight at a reasonable number so I don’t end up needing bilateral total knee replacements.

The vision I have for my future is frolicking on a beach vacation with my grandkids after I retire. I need money, a good relationship with my kids and health. Missing any one of these would result in a failure to achieve my vision.

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