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I would say I hit my all-time low (heaviest) in nursing school, I was fat and sad. This happened during my psych rotation (shocking). I ate crap, I didn’t sleep, I drank, I bought stuff I didn’t need and wasted the little money I had. I even remember thinking, “these shoes don’t make me look fat AND they are on sale, I’m buying them.” Ugly times.

10 lb weight gain = no clothes that fit

Now that I’m a working mom, I have some similar behaviors creeping in. I’m hearing that dumb voice in my head saying, “you deserve this.” What does my dysfunctional brain think I deserve? My brain thinks sweeties, laying around, and eating out is what I “deserve” when I’m stretched too thin. This is affecting my financial goals.

Snacking is Ruining my Bottom Line

  • When you are constantly craving sugar, you will buy crap in the check out lines, at Starbucks, high-dollar popcorn at work, etc. You buy stuff anywhere and anytime you crave it, ignoring the price tag.
  • Eating out makes me “feel relaxed” until we get home and I feel sluggish and sick.
  • When I’m in sloth mode, I don’t meal prep, I dread cooking at home and I buy more prepared foods.
  • The more crap I eat, the less likely I am going to do ANY type of cardio. I even start avoiding the stairs.


  • As soon as I finish these M & Ms, NO MORE SUGAR. I’m at my peak weight so I have to be drastic.
  • I’m putting $100 in an envelop that says my goal weight and due date, if I don’t meet my goal I’m donating that money to a charity I disagree with, such as a particular political candidate.
  • I’m initiating a Water, Coffee or Wine policy. Nothing but those three drinks until I hit my goal.
  • I might go to the gym, this one is still up in the air. All depends on my progress.

I’ll keep you posted

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