Eight years ago if you had asked me what my hobby was I would have said, “Concerts, biking, traveling, gardening…” I would have come up with all sorts of stuff. Two years ago if you asked me what my hobby was I would have taken a long pause and have said, “working and raising kids.” Why the difference? I had my first child 8 years ago and suddenly I lost all sense of self and time to do anything other than care for her and work. Much of my inability to take time away was self imposed and a lot was related to the high level of work stress.

Having zero interests is a sad situation. About 18 months ago I started listening to Choose FI and one of the podcasts described the 4 important traits you need to fulfill when you choose a hobby. They are health, creativity, intellectual growth, and socialization. I really needed to think long and hard about this. My baby was starting preschool and I was starting to feel like I owned my time again.

Here’s what I came up with and where I am today with it.

  • Book Club – this met socialization and intellectual growth
    • I’m still a member today!
  • Tennis – this met health and sorta socialization but not really since I don’t play with anyone other than my husband.
    • We took two private lessons with a coach so that we could make sure we had good enough form so we didn’t hurt our old bodies. After that we didn’t play again.
  • Stained Glass – This met creativity.
    • I sold my stuff after 5 months because breaking glass is hard and frustrating.
  • Started a Blog – This met intellectual growth because set up a blog is surprisingly difficult and creativity with formating.
    • I’m still typing away.

So I started with 4 but I’m down to 2. What are you favorite hobbies? How do you fit it into your schedule?

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