Holiday Side Dish

There are a lot of different emotions that one can feel when they are invited to a party.  Some are excited to be with people and some are anxious to be with people.  My only anxiety is “what do I bring?” In the past, I’ve asked, “what specifically do you want?” I would then hope it was something cheap, typically it wasn’t.  Often times the host would say, “bring some fun cheese.” You know the kind that costs $10+ a pound.  Those days are over.  From now on, I want to be known as the lady that brings the deviled eggs.  Why do I feel so passionate about deviled eggs?

They are gluten free, dairy free and incredibly cheap.
$1.50 for a savory appetizer

Here is the recipe that I used from the Food Network. The total cost:

It was surprising how many people said, “alright, I love deviled eggs.” I felt good for bringing something people enjoy. People were happy because it’s a dish they make at home because who makes a dozen eggs just for themselves.  It took me 30 minutes to prepare, including the boil and set part.  The next party I go to, I’m going to splurge and buy 18 eggs.  

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