I crushed my wrist

It was a sad moment when I was speeding home after a 20-mile ride to go to breakfast with my friends at book club. That’s right, as soon as we decided where to go for book club, I googled to see if I could safely get there by bike. It was an enjoyable 30-minute ride there and back with my sweet e-bike (best purchase ever!) This sad moment was when I hit a curb just right and I dropped my wrist ever so slightly. I immediately felt pain shoot up my forearm. Apparently, a known technique with biking is to keep your wrists straight at all costs. There are actually Youtube videos describing proper alignment. I was unaware of such a thing. Usually, I am really thoughtful about how to protect my aging body. Mr. Miser and I actually took 2 private tennis lessons with the sole purpose of learning how to hold the racket correctly, so we wouldn’t injure our elbows.

Anyhow, after “the incident” I went straight home and started icing it. It continued to throb so I went to CVS and bought a wrist splint, the package insert stated it was for wrist injuries specific to “gaming.” This made me feel like a tool but it hurt so bad I was willing to try anything. After 4 days of RICE (rest ice compression and elevation), it continued to throb but I refused to seek medical care. As a nurse, you ONLY go to the doctor for annual labs and if you are dying. I’m pretty sure it’s part of the oath we take during our pinning ceremony.

It wasn’t until one of the residents proclaimed, “Can we all donate $5 so she can go get her wrist looked at?” I couldn’t tell if the staff felt truly sorry for me or annoyed but they all agreed to pitch into this impromptu GOFUNDME campaign. I begrudgingly went to the quick care clinic at the hospital and they charged me $40 for a visit and a wrist x-ray. Luckily, it was not broken and I was just being an old baby but I still had to shell out $40. (I refused the charitable gifts from my colleagues.) I promised to stay off of my bike until the pain resolved which took about 2 weeks. I altered my handlebar grips in a more ergonomically friendly position to avoid a relapse.

Healthcare can cause Significant Financial Hardships and Bankrupt Many

It’s sad that this happens all the time with real medical needs. People put off being seen because of the high cost. My medical care avoidance is half being a nurse and half being frugal. I suspect at some point I will prolong my care and actually cause some damage thus negating all of my cost savings up until this point.

HSA can be your Lifesaver

This leads me to the importance of contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA) if you have access to one. I will not be submitting my $40 receipt, I kept it and filed it away into my “HSA FI” folder. My plan is to submit these receipts after I retire for tax-free income. Read more details about how I’m managing my HSA a reitrement account here.

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