I did it!

I found a reasonable route to bike to the hospital. It’s 12.6 miles with only 3 miles that is not on the trail! I was able to get there on my 10-year-old Giant Road Bike in 55 minutes. I was dripping with sweat when I got there but I did it! I hadn’t found the “biker’s shower room” yet so I brought a change of clothes and some baby wipes. Not knowing how long it would take me I made sure I had at least 2 hours to get door to door so I wouldn’t be late for our “retreat”. Retreat is a misleading word, it actually means prolonged meeting. I have never felt so alert during a 5-hour meeting in my life! Interestingly enough, the meeting did include the importance of looking nice at work, the speaker held eye contact with me a little longer than I would have liked but whatever, I still felt smug from my recent accomplishment.

The bike rack at the hospital. You have to lift it over your head to hook it on the wall.

My ride home was a different story. The winds had changed and I was pedalling against it the entire time. Even when I changed directions from East to South it still pushed me back. I wanted to be home in time for dinner so I pedaled as hard as my middle aged legs could go. I got home in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I was shaking when I staggered up my steps and I was angry. WTF mother nature, you couldn’t give me one win?

Now that I know I can get to work in less than an hour, it’s time to optimize my commute. Some times it takes me 50 minutes to drive home during headbanging traffic. So biking vs driving at times is a wash. My speediest commute is 35 minutes which includes quite a trek to the hospital.

Time to hit Craigslist and find an electric bike to ensure my 55-minute ride never takes one second longer, no matter how brutal the wind.

Accomplished Goal: I didn’t die biking to work. No one even came close to crushing me with their car!

New Goal: Don’t die in a parking lot trying to low ball a Craigslist deal.

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