Is book club breaking your bank?

If you are in a book club, kudos to you! This allows you to double dip when it comes to adding value to your life.  Reading increases your knowledge base and socialization is good for your well being. I also like book club because it is prescheduled. This means Mr Midwest Miser knows not to schedule anything because he will be watching the kids, also know as, parenting.

When it comes to finances a book club can get a little pricey.  I was browsing amazon and a typical book cost between $10-20.  That’s a minimum of $120 a year for only book club books.  If you live near a public library it’s imperative that you join.  Generally it’s free if you live in city limits.  I unfortunately do not.  However, paying for an annual membership will still save me money and I’m supporting a good cause. The Omaha Public Library is $75 a year.  You only need to read 4-8 books to get your return on investment (ROI.) “My book club always picks books on the latest best sellers list.” That is incredibly frustrating. 

Here is how to change that to save on costs:

  1. Openly discuss your desire to utilize (and support) your local library. The Omaha library actually has book club bags that include a large number of books that are commonly read in book clubs. Volunteer to do the leg work and grab the book for everyone for the next meeting.  It can be reserved for up to 6 weeks.  There may be a wait but you can easily plan your entire year for your club through this.  If you have sketchy members in your club you may decide not to let them borrow from your book bag, if they don’t return the books on time, it’s your fee.
  2. Go through Oprah’s past book club recommendations and find some oldies that you weren’t able to read in the past. Circle the ones that are immediately available at the library and give it to the one person in the club that can never think of a “good one to pick.” (I’m this person in the club.)
  1. If the chosen book has a long line at the library, try out different mediums to read it. E-book and audio sometimes have a shorter line. My favorite is large print. Large print rarely has a long queue and to be honest, I’m a few short years away from bifocals, so I really appreciate a solid font.
  2. If it’s a more open discussion about which book to pick have your library app up and running while you talk. Deny anything that isn’t available.
  3. Make friends with another reader and split the book cost each month.
  4. Get a free trial with audible. Click here.
  5. As a last resort on an expensive book, do what I usually do and say you were “too busy and forgot.” Drink a bottomless mimosa and enjoy listening to the book report then decide if you want to read it and borrow it from a book friend.

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