Joslyn Art Museum

It was the picture of the pink stairs that made my 7 year old light up.  “We have to go there. Is it a castle?”  Immediate memories of boredom from a 7th grade field trip came to mind.  Sigh, I reviewed the webpage to find it’s free to go! “Ok, sweetie, we will have an art weekend.”

We started in the sculpture garden where the kids insisted on climbing on everything.  They yelled at me for stepping on the pretty stones in the sidewalk, it was a lovely 15 minutes of meandering and pointing out all of the colors.

This photo was not staged.

Just kidding, I said pretend like you’re friends and this is what I got.

Once inside the kids, of course, wanted to go to the gift shop and café.  I frugally ushered them upstairs to look at contemporary art.  It was awesome to show my 4 year old that his art is “just as good, as an adults!” There were tears earlier in the week because his pictures “aren’t berry good”.  We walked through every room while they bombarded me with a thousand questions about each picture.

Conversation about a naked figure

7 year old, “Why is that guy showing his penis?” Me, “Because his mother didn’t teach him about privacy.”4 year old started singing, “privacy please.” Privacy please is our household anthem for I’m using the toilet.

Then we ended up in the book animation hallway.  They have framed prints from numerous children’s book on the wall with the books on a bench in the center.  I patiently read them three books and then they excitedly found the corresponding framed art on the wall.

Disclaimer: My new frugal mom mentality is to spend as much time as possible doing something free with NO rushing.  It’s been a painful transition.

After we finished the children’s book hallway, we found a little gem of a children’s room.  It was amazing!  There are computers set up so you can take still pictures and create movies with moving dinosaurs around, easels set up to draw still art, portrait area, huge touch screens for painting and other stuff.  There was also a delightful staff member to help with the technology and smile at the kids. We will definitely go to the Joslyn another time this summer.

Oh wait, there’s more! On our way out we saw a bunch of kids running through the water fountain.  So of course, my kids HAD to get wet too.

Rating: 10 out of 10, spent 4 hours there with NO complaints from the kiddos.

Cost: $1.40 to split one chocolate chip cookie

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