Miser Easter

Our consumer nature is really hard to control during the holidays. Now is the time that you can make new traditions that bring optimal fun and minimal cost. If you have young kids this is the BEST time to work your frugality muscles. NO 1 year old needs a $20 Easter basket. Do not start spoiling them early or you will have a hard time pulling back when you get really serious about your finances. Here are my favorite traditions!

Cheapest Side Dish Possible

Since I have to do a cost analysis of every aspect of my life. My potluck decision is no different. I prefer a low cost, popular side dish. A platter of deviled eggs are always a hit. Eggs are super cheap. Read more about my love for Deviled Eggs Here.

I also bring the Beer

Now, this might not seem like a miser thing to do but it’s one of my most enjoyable expenditures at Easter. My favorite Easter tradition is bringing multiple six-packs of different kinds of beer. I try to bring enough six packs for each dad at the party. If there are too many dads at the party, I put them in a lottery and if their name is chosen they get to play.

Here’s how the game works. I buy 2 six packs of AWFUL beer and the rest higher quality. I then hide all of the beers throughout the yard and they get their own Easter hunt. It’s awesome to watch how cut throat they become when the only beer left is from Aldi. The enjoyment of watching these idiots scramble for beer is well worth the $40-50.

Easter Egg Hunt

Holidays have become very frustrating for me. My two goals are to teach my children health and environmental stewardship. Holidays are a sudden free for all when everyone gives them candy and plastic trinkets that will end up in the garbage within a week. With that being said, I still want me kids to feel the joy of the holiday.

My way around more candy and crap is to give them puzzle pieces in each egg. They have to put the puzzle together as they find each egg. This works best with 20-40 piece puzzles. I bought this year’s puzzle at the Dollar Tree for $1. If you really like a challenge get a puzzle from the Goodwill. Who knows if all the pieces will be there!

Easter Baskets

I refuse to buy new Easter baskets every year. So the night before Easter I have my kids set their Easter baskets outside from the year before. It makes TOTAL sense to them, so it’s a really easy tradition to uphold. I also refuse to buy a lot of Easter themed garbage that is going to end up in the landfill. So I Craigslist what I can and I get some regular candy from the Dollar Tree. (Everything there is a $1, if only they sold beer.)

This year’s baskets cost $14 and $17.
  • Rubrics Cubes $2
  • Polly Pocket $13
  • Used Marble Wood Blocks $10
  • Hula Hoops $2
  • Chocolate bunnies $2
  • Solar light $1 (I have one kid that is intense about lighting.)
  • Garden Gloves $1 (My other kid picks up trash around the neighborhood.)

I suspect all of the items will be played with for more than 2 weeks.

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