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There are two books that have really rung true for me over the last 2 weeks. One book is Atomic Habits and the other is the Four Tenancies.

Atomic Habits

The take away I got from Atomic Habits was think of yourself as the kind of person that… For instance, I’m the kind of person who is always trying to optimize and save money. I’ve thought about myself in this way my entire life.

What I am not is the kind of person that is active and eats healthy. I’ve also self-identified as this my whole life. So that is the last time you will ever hear a comment like that from me. Now, I’m going to train my mind to think, “I’m the kind of person that takes the stairs, I’m the kind of person that packs my lunch, I’m the kind of person that has to get a workout in before work etc.” I’m hoping that his mind flip will help me be more consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

Four Tendencies

This book was great for me to recognize that I’m an “obliger.” I know this because if someone gives me a deadline, it gets done. If I give myself a deadline, meh. I need real accountability. I have accountability for saving money for my family but never for working out or getting in shape. Because that’s for me only, no else benefits.

So with that knowledge, I’m currently trying a free 2-week accountability group with Beach Body. Hopefully, I will oblige myself to a healthier life, if I feel like my tendency is supported then I’m all in for the year. The frugalista in me thinks it’s crazy to pay for workout videos but the obliger in me knows I need accountability and I need to pull strength from a group. I have zero focus on how I look, my whole mindset is doing this to change my habits to improve how I feel.

I encourage you to read the book and learn what tendenc you are and then build your habits in support of YOUR tendency. The author helps coach you on how to develop relationships with your peers, spouse, and even your provider so you can learn how to optimize your life by focusing on your strengths.

I’ve posted amazon affiliate links but please use your library.

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