My first side hustle failure

This was the best I could get to a stained glass version of my cat.

Last Fall, I saw a post on Mustachian’s In Practice on Facebook that this woman was making custom pet portraits with stained glass and selling them for $300.  I thought, whoa, I could get behind that.  So, I made a plan to buy all my supplies from someone that had failed so I could get a deep discount.  It took 4 months but eventually, someone posted $300 takes all my supplies and glass and a sturdy table.  Score! I bought these supplies from a 74-year-old nurse.  She had been a stained-glass artist for 50 years and her arthritis was too bad to continue.  She said her work was no longer up to her standards.  This 74-year-old sat on the floor with me and showed me how to use all of her tools.  I set up my table in the corner of my husband’s office and got to work.  After spending 4 hours on trying to cut one simple mother f’ing shape, I decided pet portraits were not for me.  I also realized teeny tiny cuts on my fingers weren’t ideal when I hand sanitize 100 times a day at work.  I also was never able to find an art program or app that would turn a regular photo into a stained-glass template.  Those two issues made me box this stuff up and give up. 

Now, buying something you don’t use is never a miser thing to do.  So, I had to resell my supplies and cut my losses.  I resold this stuff for $300 and kept that sturdy table.  (Ha, classic miser.)

The only downsides: we will most likely find glass shards in our carpet for years to come and my daughter won’t lay off.  EVERY SINGLE TIME we see a mosaic or any glass art my daughter says, “look momma that could have been you.”

This link was my ultimate goal.  Meh, I tried. My Rover side hustle isn’t a failure until they take my account down, even though truth be told, no one will trust me with their dog.

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