Now’s a great time to learn how to cut hair

I’m about one month overdue for a haircut.  I like to go about every 2-3 months.  I was curious to know what my ladies at work do for their haircuts and the costs. I work with beautiful women, they don’t need to wear makeup and they look great in a messy bun.  I was flabbergasted to hear my survey results.

My friends paid $60-$200 every 4-8 weeks.  Whoa.  That blew my quarterly, $24 plus $4 tip at Supercuts out of the water.  (I’m sassy, so I always add on a Tea Tree Shampoo.)

Time for some math!

My friend who gets a $200 haircut and color every 6 weeks spends almost $9,000 every 5 years on her hair!

If she does it Midwest Miser style every 6 weeks and colors her hair at home.  She would end up with $6,500 after 5 years, I subtracted the costs of a Supercuts cut and wash and Sally’s Beauty Supply Color in a box.  I think she would still be beautiful with a cheaper cut and color. 

Nobody cared about my numbers.  Think about it, it’s the cost of a Disney cruise and Park Week EVERY 5 years for simply changing how you style your hair. 

Since we need to save money, I cut my husband’s and kids’ hair every month.  It saves me about $15 per kid and $20 for my husband.

If I threw that into my savings account with my cheaper haircut and color it’s almost $9,500 every 5 years.

It wasn’t until I did the math that I started insisting I cut everyone’s hair.  Sure, it’s annoying to sweep up and sure sometimes I mess up and make my son look like a serial killer but to save money, it’s totally worth it.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Order a pair of clippers and a cape, I prefer Wahl brand and a good pair of scissors.  ( I use the scissors that came with the clippers.) The cape sizes can be tricky here is an adult version that works if you also wrap a towel around your kid’s neck.

Step 2: Watch some videos on how to cut hair.  I started with this one.  (The best ones are the sad boys with their mom butchering their hair.) I have started trying more trendy cuts now that my son will sit still.

Step 3: Find one you like and have your child watch it with you.  It helps calm the nerves and then they can be excited about the style you are trying.

Step 4: Get braver each time.  I started cutting my husband’s hair, then my son’s and now my daughter’s.  The kids love it because they hate waiting at the salon. Now that we are staying at home away from others, I will be cutting mine or coach my husand.

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