Nurse Fix-It Saving Money

I had the best conversation at work today. One of my favorite nurses said she wanted to share a money saving tip but she didn’t want people to think she was “too over the top.” Not possible, I say! Every little hack makes us smarter or richer, either way, it’s a win-win. (Also, have you read the crazy stuff I’m trying to pull off?)

Her hack was fixing anything that broke by herself.

My immediate thought was, “seriously, I thought you were going to blow my mind!” The more I’ve ruminated over this conversation, the more I realized that she is right, this is “over the top”. Fixing her own dishwasher, fireplace, and stove really IS mind-blowing. I married a man that loves to tinker and I totally take it for granted. He has quietly and thanklessly fixed so many things around my house that I don’t give him the praise he deserves. (I don’t even super glue things anymore, my kids take all broken toys directly to him.)

So let’s think a little deeper about this amazing talent. How much money has she saved over the last 10 years fixing her own appliances? How many times have you mindless bought a replacement item without even trying to figure out why it stopped working in the first place?

Her true talent is not the ability to fix things, it’s the ability to believe in herself and take the effort to learn something new! She said the words, “if we can figure out how the human body works and how to heal it, we should be able to fix our vacuum.” I’m truly amazed. When you really dig deep you can find all the resources you need to identify what’s broken and then fix it yourself. There are free Tool Libraries where you can check out tools, the library often has free courses, or you can go to the non-credit courses at your community college to take cheap courses.

The next time something breaks, try to fix it without replacing it!

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