Paid Every 2 Weeks

Nobody wants to talk budgets but hear me out! I made a huge math mistake for over a year with my budget. This was about 5 years ago when we were really getting serious with our retirement planning.

The equation is used was painfully wrong 10 months a year.

I was short EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I couldn’t figure out why. It took a year before I got the math right. It’s really, really important that you never use your 3rd Friday of the month as part of your budget. It screws you up 10 months a year. Please set up a budget NOW! Even if it’s only your recurring expenses. These are the easiest to control and if they are too high often times you can negotiate down your insurance and internet bills. I make sure I put my Roth IRA contributions into my recurring expenses because the best thing you can do for your future self is PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

Here is the spreadsheet that I update every single month to make sure I stay on track.

What are you using your bonus paycheck on twice a year???

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