Pre-Garage Sale

It’s been 6+ years since I had a garage sale. The last time I had a garage sale Mr. Miser asked if he could pay me $100 not to have one. He has a strong disliking of the whole endeavor. It’s like he doesn’t like money or want to retire someday. Anyhow, this year’s sale comes with some new challenges. Our 7-year-old daughter is a hoarder and every single item she owns has a special place in her heart.  We have had many discussions that her life would be so much easier and enjoyable if she would clear out the clutter. I’ve tried every angle; “you deserve to have nice, tidy room,” “you don’t own stuff, your stuff owns you,” and “you’d be playing right now instead of cleaning if you didn’t have so much stuff.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, “a 7-year-old can’t drive herself to Target and go shopping.” You’re right, and I surely didn’t take her either.

Side story: I quietly endured a friend’s complaints about her kids’ crap and how every time they went out they whined until she bought them something. She said, “I can’t take them anywhere.” I eventually had to chime in and remind her that she also can’t go to Target without buying something from their $5 bin. The conversation ended and maybe so did our friendship.  Meh, who knows…

The struggle is real…

Anyhow, I despise shopping and I despise “goodie” bag trinkets from birthday parties. What does this have to do with the upcoming garage sale? Be patient, I’ll get there. The picture on the right was a day I realized that my daughter had been stealthily cramming her belongings under bed, dresser and into her closet to get me off of her back. Once I realized this I put it all in the hallway and asked her to leave it and go play with her friends. I told her I would take care of it because I loved her.  I got the exact response I wanted, she sifted through the rubble, grabbed the few things she wanted to keep and said I could have the rest. Yes! Success! Now that I’m taking the few things worth a quarter and pricing it for the garage sale, I hear her say, “sweet, I’m going to make so much money on my stuff.” Hold up, what? Why does she get the quarter? I’m the one that boxed this crap up, stored it, priced it, and put it out for our neighbors to judge us.  I’m so confused on how to parent a fiscally responsible child.  Give allowance, don’t give an allowance, pay for chores, give money for going to school aka a child’s “job”; it all makes my head spend.  For now, I’m sticking with standard chores, free of charge because we feed and house her. Any chore that goes above and beyond, I will pay her.  I’m keeping every last quarter from the garage sale. If she wants to sell waters from Costco, I will cut her a loan on the initial purchase, at a fair 1% interest.

Disclaimer: Garage sale profits will be split between each child 50/50 into their 529 accounts.  I’m not a heartless capitalist.

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