Quick trip to KC

This weekend Omaha Public School was called off but the weather was good enough to drive. We took this opportunity to take a mini-trip to KC. Sounds lavish but in true miser style we had a great family vacation on a tight budget.

  • Since we have a small diesel we were able to drive to KC and back for $25 in diesel. Learn more about our recent car purchase here.
  • We stayed at a hotel at a discounted rate through a friend of ours.
  • Our big outing was Science City. We used our Omaha Children’s Museum membership to get free admission. (Saved $54) Science City is world class. The best part is all of their displays work! There are so many different activities that can hold our kid’s attention it’s a full day of fun.
  • We walked through the tunnels (it was a bitter 20 degrees while we were there) to Crown Center to eat at Fritz’s. Unfortunately, they were closed for remodeling which was a huge bummer. They have little trains deliver your cheeseburgers, it’s delightful.
  • We had some Barne’s and Nobles gift cards to use so we went to The Plaza. The kids felt really grown up shopping and they had a hard time wrapping their heads around “books they could keep forever.” Being avid library users means most of our books are temporary additions to our collection.
  • We rode the KC Street Car the City Market. There we hung out and had coffee. We sent the kids on their first independent shopping adventure. We gave them $5 and told them to each buy a piece of fruit. They came back so happy to have successfully purchased an item AND get change.
  • We swam at the hotel pool both nights.

Lessons Learned

  • We could have saved more money had we brought snacks and sandwiches. Since it was a last minute trip we basically packed our clothes and headed out the door.
  • Drinking coffee has become a more expensive past time than we would like. Sitting at a coffee shop is one thing but grabbing coffee at Union Station while walking through Science City is another. We are contemplating a Keurig that we could have for traveling only. While I find the disposable cups environmentally unfriendly while at home. This could be a good option for traveling. We would have to be able to plug it into the car lighter.
  • Mr Miser wanted to pack a “go bag” to have ready for any weekend trips. I shot him down, I would hate to have kid clothes in a bag (not getting used) while they could grow out of them. We compromised on a “Shared List” we keep on our phone listing what is needed for a short trip and what chores need to be completed before leaving the house for a few days.

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