Recurring Expenses

Here are some of the things we’ve done to decrease our recurring expenses. It might seem like a drop in the bucket but every little change adds up! I promise, an hour of making phone calls can save you thousands of dollars a year.

  • Phone Bill – we were paying $100 a month. We switched to Red Pocket Mobile and now I pay $17 a month. Mr Miser told me to make sure I jumped on Wi-Fi when I was at work, otherwise it has been the same as my previous Verizon plan.
  • Cable, etc – Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Cinemax, Amazon Prime – Seriously, how did this happen? We didn’t even know we had Cinemax and were paying for it for 10 months. We looked at how little we watch TV, made the choice to keep Netflix and Amazon Prime. We canceled everything else. It made NO difference in our quality of life.
  • Car – The 3 MOST expensive parts of our budget are our housing, car, and food. Sometimes it makes sense to sell your car now that you’ve seen the light and buy a reliable, cheaper vehicle. Cut your losses, no shame. We had a Camry and we sold it for a cheaper Jetta. Read about this killer deal here.
  • Fuel – Our Jetta gets 55 mpg, that’s a huge saving from our vehicle a van that gets 17 mpg.
  • Kids’ Activities – Here’s a fun window into our life. Every Tuesday we fight with our kids to go to gymnastics. They don’t like it because they wait in line the whole time. We’ve been thinking we are teaching them how to have a “stick with it attitude.” Maybe we are failing them by quitting but we are also saving $120 a month. Time to find a cheaper activity.
  • Life Insurance – Does it make sense to have a 30-year term life insurance plan? If you pay off all of your debt and start saving for retirement when you drop dead your family won’t need as much life insurance. Consider buying a cheaper 30-year plan AND a 15-year plan. That way you can cut your monthly premium but still have some coverage in 20 years.
  • Car Insurance – look for cheaper quotes annually. Consider paying semiannually for a discount.
  • Babysitting – Make a friend, babysit friend’s kids, then vice versa. We have saved SO much money by calling other parents and volunteering to take their kids for a night. They are incredibly grateful and are happy to repay the favor.
  • Travel – Travel hacking with credit card points is a great way to save on airfare. Here is our other website.
  • Gifts – We ALL have enough! If your friend wanted a new scarf or coffee mug they would have bought it already. Give the gift of time. Best friend’s birthday, babysit her kids, parents’ birthday, go to their house and fix, clean or paint something with them to complete a project and spend time with them. Here’s my favorite kid birthday present.

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