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Ibotta and Receipt Hog

Today I signed up for both Ibotta and Receipt Hog.  I’ve read that it’s so easy and stupid not to use.  We’ll see…

Ibotta has you pre-load the items you would like discounts on. This is great if you are a good planner.  If you suck at planning, I suggest you fill your cart then click on the items you plan on buying, while you stand by the free fruit area and the kids peel their oranges.

Try Ibotta for yourself Here

Receipt Hog has you complete a few surveys to sign up. You don’t need to do any pre-shopping work to get rewards.  Rewards are only redeemable at Amazon as far as I can tell.  I feel like I will take a long time to get $5 at amazon.  I will keep updating if it’s worth while.

Link to Receipt Hog

Update: December 2018, Ibotta has been totally worth it, I have made $52.74 in 5 months.  Receipt Hog has even gotten me $5. I’m waiting till I get $5 then I’m deleting the app.

Disclaimer: I get a small referral bonus if you decide to sign up.

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