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I had been looking for my scissors for the last 5 years. They aren’t lost ALL the time but most of the time they are hiding in a kid’s room. This has been an ongoing battle with my children. They have their own scissors but mine are supposedly better. In the last 6 months, my husband made one simple change.

By simply putting my name on these freaking scissors they have been consistently in their perfect location, “momma’s special drawer.”

Mom’s special drawer is the tiniest drawer in the kitchen. It barely passes as a drawer but it’s where I keep sticky notes, 5-6 pens, 1 roll of tape, mom scissors and my checkbook. At our old house, this drawer was called the “junk drawer” and it was about 4 times the size of this pathetic drawer. At the old house he junk drawer was full of, you guessed it, JUNK. Everyone would cram stuff into it. It was overwhelming and ridiculous. There would be 100 pens in there and the first 3 I would grab wouldn’t work. It was an infuriating space in my life. This new scenario forces only the bare minimum and since it’s my “special” drawer everything in there needs my approval. This process has kept us from buying a lot of “just in case” items. I can afford to own 4 back up scissors but I don’t want to. I don’t want to find storage for all these extra items, instead I want my family to proper care for and replace the items we own.

Now that my scissors are clearly labeled, my kids feel an internal pull to always ask if they can use MY scissors. I grant them access only if they promise they will go back to “momma’s special drawer.”

What can you do to simplify your little life annoyances?

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  1. I have a mama drawer, I call it the “fix it bin” it has child locks and my scissors have a label that says “Lynn’s scissors, DO NOT TOUCH.” Subtle, I know, but it was getting rediculous! I also have super glue, packing tape, sewing kit, AA and AAA batteries, and label maker. It has saved so much hunting. Hubs teases me but then I lovingly remind him that he can make his own “fix it bin” and I would be happy to help him put it together. 😉 I don’t want to spend my time playing hide and seek all day with scissors 😂

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