Starbucks Confession

I’m not sure what life event caused me to suddenly develop the association of Starbucks with happiness. I often think, I feel tired and grumpy, Starbucks will make it all better. I’m incredibly frugal in most areas of my life but this is out of control.  I’ve been delaying this confession because I wanted to be mentally and physically ready.  Which makes NO sense. This morning, I ingested 1210 calories in Starbucks coffee and food.  I’m not ashamed of that, what I’m ashamed of is the fact that it cost me $12.20. Today was an atypical purchase since I sat in the store.  I generally spend $9.25 on 730 calories that I ingest en route to work. Don’t tell Mr. Miser but this typically happens 3 times a week.

If I think about this in the worst possible way.

In the 24% tax bracket pretax, I have to earn…

$11.47 a visit

$34.41 a week

$1,789 a year

If I had invested $27.75 a week after income taxes taken out, into an index fund with a a 7% return, I would have…

$1,500 after a year
$8,445 after 5 years
$19,720 after 10 years

Stopping at Starbucks 3 times a week is the equivalent of 10 pounds a year.  (Full disclosure: my standard order is a chorizo sandwich and whole milk grande latte.) If I switch to 1 egg and a homemade coffee with whole milk, I would lose 5 pounds in one year.  Cutting this out of my life would be a win-win!

Now, how do I change my behavior? To be continued...

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