The cost of the extra bedroom

We moved out Mr Miser's office desk to the family room and took our son's top trundle bed for our student's room.

Even someone as frugal as me has moments…

Our Japanese college student is set to arrive tonight.  This will be our 3rd year hosting one.  They stay for 3 weeks and we try our best to show them around Omaha and include them in our life.  Their goal is to learn about our culture and a little English.  Our 4 and 7 year old LOVE this experience.  Times like this is when I sigh and say, “wish we had an extra bedroom.” Mr Miser is quick to remind me why we don’t.

Reasons not to get the extra bedroom...

  1. Bigger Mortgage: We would have paid more for the house.
  2. Taxes: Our house taxes would be higher. (Nebraska property taxes are unbelievably high, here’s an article from 2003 detailing Warren Buffett’s 2 property and tax costs in California and Nebraska. It’s crazy how expensive his taxes were in 2003 and they are only getting higher.)
  3. Monthly Expense: Heating and cooling a part of the house that remains empty most of the year.
  4. Clutter and Cleaning: An open area to become cluttered with unused stuff.

Since we are on the path to Financial Independence and Early Retirement we often talk about what our life will look like when the kids move out. (If they move out?!?) Initially, when discussing down sizing we would talk about needing more space for the kids to stay over the holidays.  Why pay all of those extra costs so our children could sleep comfortably for a couple weeks a year.? I’ve declared that we will downsize and spend our holidays out of town in an Airbnb. Saving money on housing every year will allow us to take some impressive vacations with our kids! Maybe this will entice them to visit us when we’re old.

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