The “I deserve it” Mentality

We all have some form of this conversation with ourselves.
  • I ran two miles, I deserve a brownie.
  • I worked hard this week, I deserve to watch tv and drink a beer.
  • I earned a raise, I deserve a new car.

I had a case of the “I deserve it” big time today. My family and I deserve the luxury of a swimming pool. I was raised with a swimming pool, I remember complaining to my mom that we never went to the city pool like my friends, so I felt left out. She noted my obvious spoiled nature and stated that “public pools are nasty.”

I then went through my twenties never encountering a desire to go to a public pool. I entered my fair share of hotel pools but if they seemed sketchy at all I was out. I remember reading this article and becoming even more skittish about public pools. Here’s an updated version of that article about crypto that came out this summer. Article

Last summer, I had 2 neighbors put one in their backyards and I felt that twinge of “wouldn’t it be nice.”  This article came out in the nick of time. Mr Money Mustache reminded me that you don’t own things, they own you.  So, I took some deep breaths and pushed those jealousy feelings deep down.

According to their sign we can squeeze a few hundred more in!

So last weekend it was over 100 degrees. Unfortunately, I have 2 kids and no personal pool.  So, we packed our swim suits and went to a city pool.  I immediately noticed the sign that said, “Max 800 people.”  What the hell, gross, there wouldn’t be any water left in the pool.  Now, I know they weren’t near capacity and people were packed in. Every time I went from one area to another a random child would goose me or grab me, so they could get their head above water.  I was able to tolerate 2 hours of soaking in other’s sweat and sunscreen but once I saw a scabby Band-Aid float by, I called it a day.  So, I paid $15 for 2 hours of panic attacks while watching my children fill their mouths with pool water.    

Should I install my own backyard summer oasis?

If we were to invest in pool one of two things would need to happen.  We would either delay or retirement or have to work more hours every week.  This means less time enjoying the mythical pool.  Would it really be worth it?  In the Midwest, when you only have 3 hot months a year, my hunch is no.  If we planned on working until we were 60 years old, I might have a different answer.  So, I will resign to do what the tattoo on the left breast of the women on a towel next to me said, “Be humble, be happy.”

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  1. We don’t get as hot here, but have many times had the same mental vascillating between cooling down and likely urine content (and worse!). Our happy solution has been to live in a development that has a private pool. We do pay $450/yr for maintainance of the development and access to the private pool–and it is not completely clean of course, but better than most we have ever seen. For us, it has been worth it to have a relatively clean pool and not have to maintain one…but the girls still gulp down that water at times 😬

    1. I would absolutely spend $450 a year for a private pool, especially if we could walk there!

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