Travel Shampoo Hoarding

I’ve been thinking more and more about downsizing in the next 5 years.  Since I’m a planner, I feel like starting now would really benefit our future Miser Family. Since I’m a “finisher” I am getting extreme satisfaction from using up every last drop of hotel shampoo, soap, lotion, you name it! What’s a “finisher” you ask? Well, some horrible people are “openers” and most thoughtful people are “finishers.”  Why are horrible people “openers” you ask, it’s because they are the reason you’ll find 3 bottles of open BBQ sauce in your fridge after a party.  Gretchen Rubin does a great job categorizing people, then helping them understand how knowing their tendencies can make them the happier.  Read her 2013 blog post about it here. Knowing that I’m a finisher highlights why I do some of the things I do, poor Mr Miser. I now can justify, freezing left over coffee into cubes, refusing to give up on an empty toothpaste container, and forcing my family to eat expired foods. I also thoroughly enjoyed her book the Four Tendencies.  You can buy it with my affiliate link here but, I’m sure you can find it at your local library. 

It’s important to avoid leaving unused stuff around for “just in case “moments.  I had been saving all of these little bottles for when we have guests stay over.  Typically, we have guests 2-3 weeks a year and they generally leave the soap and shampoo untouched in the bathroom. I had a friend that set aside full size, expensive bathroom supplies that stayed in her unused guest room.  The products went bad, now she can’t even use them. Instead of learning not to store things for “just in case” moments, she repurchased expensive supplies and put them right back where the old ones spoiled. 

Once these travel supplies are used up, I will set aside one set for my own travels and a back up toothbrush for my guests.

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