Valentine’s Day

I loathe Valentine’s Day. It’s a Hallmark holiday designed to upset your soul and empty your wallet. Most people are just getting their Christmas purchases paid for and now, boom, another holiday to prove to the people in your life that you love them. It’s not fair and it’s unnecessary. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had moments of jealousy when another nurse’s husband sent a crazy bouquet to the unit. It usually lasts about 20 minutes until I realized it probably cost over $100 and chances are they will be fighting about finances in March. The other problem with celebrating Valentine’s Day is going out to dinner on THE busiest night of the year for food that is usually mediocre because the chefs aren’t used to the high volume of customers.

Here are my Miser Suggestions

  • Know your spouse. Figure out their Love Language, if it’s gifts, <sigh> you might be stuck. However, if it’s one of the other 4 you are all set! If you don’t know what their love language is read this book immediately. 5 Love Languages I can’t recommend this book enough, know your love language and know your significant other’s love language. I was wrong about my love language, it’s Quality Time, which surprised me. Now that I know, I’ve noticed when I get to hang out with people I love, I’m very happy when I don’t get that time, I’m not.
  • If your spouse is into quality time, have a nice time at home without the confusion of a busy restaurant. If your spouse is into Acts of Service, think of all of the requests over the last month and then get their To-Do List done!
  • You DON’T have to spend any money to show someone they are important to you. Figure out their love language and then come up with a plan together to have a frugal Valentine’s Day that is truly about spending time with someone you love and NOT about making other people jealous.
  • Be very clear to your spouse about what make’s you hot. Your answer should be a well-funded emergency account. If you typically spend $100 on Valentine’s Day, this year make a spaghetti dinner and then click the Transfer to Savings Account button together.
  • Money arguments are the second reason people cite for their divorce, get your finances together so you are not a statistic.

A Child’s Valentine’s Day

My other big issue with Valentine’s day is getting your kids involved. Really, I need to spend an entire evening Youtubing videos on paper mache so I can make a unicorn’s head that has an opening in their mouth to receive their valentines for school. No, I quit, I did not sign up for this level of parenting.

Here’s a better way to get your kids involved with what they are going to give out. Give them the option to create their own cards. Seriously, when was the last time someone handed out a handmade card. Be a trendsetter. I honestly think my daughter would enjoy this more, but I’m going to give her the option. Homemade valentines or Dollar Tree.

Valentine’s Day party

I’m a room mom this year, so I had to be very strategic about how I organized the party. I went to the dollar store and bought a white poster board and a pack of hearts, $2. My party station is going to be where the kids write “I love my teacher because…” Then we are going to tape it to the poster board. This is a way more thoughtful activity and they don’t end up bringing home a piece of plastic or some other crap that their parents will be stepping on at the end of the week.

This is your year to start a new tradition. Pick something meaningful that doesn’t involve spending money.

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