VW Dieselgate Deals!

I love cars.  My wife hates cars.  Specifically, my wife hates spending money on cars.  However, I recently found a great deal on a nearly new car that I think even (secretly) made her smile.

If you are not familiar with the term “dieselgate“, it’s basically a made-up word for the Volkswagen emissions scandal of 2015.  In a nutshell, Volkswagen put computer code in their cars that would make them behave one way during normal driving, and completely different when hooked up to emissions systems in states like California (we don’t have to do this here in good ol‘ Nebraska).  This was very much illegal and done to give their diesel cars a performance & fuel economy advantage while still passing emissions tests.

Not surprisingly they were eventually caught, and a major sh!tstorm ensued for the German auto manufacturer.  New diesel cars were pulled off of lots, and existing vehicles were bought back from customers at a massive loss to VW.  Fast forward 2-3 years….  VW has corrected the issue and these new & used cars can be had for rock bottom prices.

Below is this is the search string I used to locate my car on autotrader.  There are still a TON out there at great prices.  If VW is not your thing, there are plenty of Audi’s affected by the dieselgate scandal as well. AUTOTRADER DIESELGATE SEARCH.  

I ended up finding one in Lincoln, NE – just 50 miles away.  Here are the specs:
-2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI S
-DSG Automatic Transmission
-7,800 miles
-22 months powertrain warranty remaining.

2015 Volkswagen TDI S

If you are thinking…. “Dang Mr. Miser!  What a great deal!!  That is 42.2% off of the original $23,560 sticker price!” – then you would be right… it IS a whopping 42.2% ($9,960) off the original price!

But it gets even better.  Because of the scandal, lawsuits, etc…. VW has also attached an 11 year, 160,000 mile warranty on to the engine itself.  To confirm this, I called down to local VW dealer and gave them my VIN to confirm.  They looked it up and yes, in the VW system, my engine is covered for 11y/160,000 miles.

Page 9 of THIS DOCUMENT goes into detail about what is covered under the extended 160,000 mile warranty – and it’s surprisingly quite extensive.

UPDATE:  I recently found a much easier way to find out if a particular vehicle is covered under the extended warranty.  You can check the VIN number HERE to see if it falls under extended warranty coverage.  Here is what my VIN search came back with:

Confirmed! 160,000 mile engine warranty!

There are those on the interweb who are concerned about decreased power and/or increased fuel consumption after the emissions “issues” have been fixed….  I have no experience with the car prior to it being fixed but I had no issue quickly getting up to speeds approaching triple digits – it was every bit as fast as the Honda Accord I traded in.  I also averaged 55mpg driving 75mph on I80 from dealership in Lincoln to my driveway on a hot day with A/C working overtime.  Yes, you read that right… 55mpg.

Volkswagen Diesels are well known for great fuel economy

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