Wants versus Needs

This year Black Friday came and went without any enthusiasm from me. Usually, I’m all about the Deals.  I scour the ads looking for needs that are outrageously underpriced and I wake up early to get them.  This is frugality at it’s finest. Yet this year, I didn’t even scroll through the ads.

Why the change?  

I only want to pay the lowest price point on every item I buy. Black Friday is a great time to make this happen.  However, after reading up on Financial Independence and the Minimalist, I’ve come to a realization.  My needs are wants, not needs.  Sure we could use a new mop, but we don’t need it.  Is it time to replace a 10-year-old comforter? Maybe, but we don’t have to.  The way I process my wants versus my needs has changed considerably. I am fortunate to live in a time of excess.  I’m also unhappy to live in a time of excess.  It’s quite the conundrum.  I should feel overly blessed that I have everything that I need but I feel overwhelmed by the overabundance.  So, I am starting with the American “holiday” that celebrates consumerism at it’s worst.  As a nurse, I’ve missed many holidays and I am ashamed that retail workers had to miss holidays for my shopping nonsense.  I’m taking the stance that whatever you DON”T buy is 100% off the regular price.  If we all behaved accordingly, we will have less clutter, less stress, less trash in the landfill and more money in our bank accounts.  I’m sure I will fail at times but decreasing consumerism by even 10% will make a difference in our lives.  This year I will not be pressured to join Secret Santas, gift exchanges, or white elephant parties and all hostess gifts will be wine and/or edible.  If you insist on buying me something… I would like a new mop. Thanks in advance.   

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