Where does my money go?

Here are our recurring expenses (not including food, gas, or health insurance) Blue highlight goes on our credit card every month to earn travel points.

If you don’t know what your recurring expenses are, now is a great time to sort out the minimal amount you need to survive every month.

If I added food, gas, and health insurance, I know we need to have $4,000 a month. This information is incredibly helpful to know how much you need in your emergency fund.

During social distancing, we have made a few purchases outside of our recurring expenses.

Here’s how much we’ve spent:

  • Costco $815.55 – this month it’s been all food from Costco. A larger amount of wine and beer than usual.
  • Grocery store $321.03
  • Dunkin Donuts $9.57 – these were thrown in the garbage when we got home because the lady that handed them to us looked really ill. (This was the only time we tried to eat out.)
  • Dog Supplies $24.90 Collar and leash for our new puppy.
  • Native Deodorant $10 I’ve been trying all of the different types of natural deodorants.
  • Donation to Autism Awareness $25 (I’m saving this receipt because we can write off donations this year.)
  • Menards $112.35 Mr Miser had a hard time detailing exactly what this included, he said some items for the trampoline, yard stuff, furnace filters, annuals for the front, etc
  • Running shoes and shorts from Brooks $108.36 – This comes out of my personal allowance. I have pictures of the holes in my shoes to prove this was necessary. The shorts were not.
  • Gas $11.78 – We drive very gas efficient cars and have nowhere to go but apparently Costco.
  • Disney Plus $75.24 – A splurge I don’t remember agreeing to. We put an alert for 1 year from now so we don’t accidentally auto-renew.
  • Sharpened Mower Blades $28 Apparently adults do this every year?
  • Trampoline off of Facebook Market Place $125 – best purchase so far.

Amazon Purchases

  • The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents $10.69 A lot of folks had recommended this to me to calm myself down when my kids upset me.
  • Pencil Sharpener $30.58 We had ~ 150 unsharpened pencils and another 40 dull-colored pencils. I wanted to scream every time I tried to hand sharpen one and the tip would break off.
  • 2 Paint by numbers $29.89 I just checked this purchase and the delivery date is for June so I need to cancel this order!
  • Rocket supplies for Mr Miser $95 He said it was for the kids but I disagree.
  • Pulse Ox $44.30 Hopefully we never need to use this but I tend to avoid the ER at all costs and Mr Miser is quick to say we need to be at a hospital, so… we thought an objective measurement might be helpful.
  • Book Club Book “Maybe you should talk to someone” $12.99 I had no choice since the library was closed. This book has been great so far, I’m starting to think I need therapy.

So our total spending for the last 30 days was $4,711.70 I’m not sure if I should be proud or appalled. I went through each item and I don’t have any real buyer’s remorse.

If we both lost our jobs we would need $2,700 for recurring expenses, $1,000 for food (high estimate), and $150 for gas (high estimate). Our family of 4 would need $11,500-$23,100 saved up to cover our expenses for 3-6 months. This does NOT include health insurance. I have no idea how much we would be paying for health insurance during the unlikely event we BOTH lost our job. That unknown makes it much harder to plan. So it makes sense to save for 6 months of unemployment. We keep our emergency savings in a high-interest savings account which is currently making 1.5% interest.

Pleases make sure you know how much you need every month to live and how much you should have saved in your emergency account. You can access my recurring expense worksheet here.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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