Why I don’t shop for groceries online…

I have a few friends that swear they can stay on budget better when they shop for groceries online. I find this sentiment to be false if you cook from scratch. I will admit that looking for crazy deals on processed food is very difficult and it’s better to go with shopping online to decrease your chance of splurging on unnecessary junk food. When it comes to meat and produce you can find some crazy good deals while wandering around the grocery stor.

Here is one example of an amazing find. I only had potato soup planned for dinner. I felt kind of bad knowing how bummed this would make my kids and then I found these! They are going to go bonkers when they come home from school to find these extra treats. (Once you become a parent the worse word in the English dictionary is SNACK. I swear my kids ask for a snack while eating dinner.)

I also had zero plans to make pork chops but $3 pork chops plus a few extra ingredients and some old potatoes I want to use up, equals a $7 meal for our whole family. Boom, fall favorite coming up!

$40 worth of meat for $16
I’m so romantic! $11 night out sitting on our front porch while the kids sleep. (This also saves on babysitting.)

The time I value online grocery shopping is when I buy enough food for 10-20 freezer meals. Then it’s well worth clicking quickly through the grocery store’s website. That really does save me an hour of shopping. Otherwise, I will stick to physically going into the store and searching for hidden deals. Learn more about my meal planning here.

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